NEW - Jenny Bird Jewelry

NEW - Jenny Bird Jewelry

Published by Christina Ruiz on Aug 23rd 2022

Jenny Bird is a luxe jewelry brand offering a modern take on accessories ranging from minimalist designs to lightweight statement pieces. Jenny is known as The Queen of The Hoop with her earrings specifically gaining a lot of recognition with celebs — seen worn by Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, Mindy Kaling and more! Jenny Bird boasts a very clean yet bold aesthetic, offering a plethora of link style necklaces and bracelets as well as her coveted chunky hoop earrings.

"I know my customers will feel my essence in each piece, and in turn, I really enjoy seeing how their spirit and personal sense of style bring a piece to life for them in their lives and wardrobe.

– Jenny 

Above are some gold pieces we have at Green Envy! Shop the links below.

 Stevie Chain Necklace in Gold

Teenie Detachable Link Earrings in Gold

Chubby Cushion Huggies in Gold

Toni Link Bracelet in Gold

Mega U-Link Earrings in Gold

U-Link Earrings in Gold

Stevie Bangle in Gold

Whether your a gold girl or a silver girl we got you, at Green Envy! Shop the links below.

 Chubby Cushion Huggies in Silver

U-Link Earrings in Silver

Teenie Detachable Link Earrings in Two Tone

Stevie Chain Necklace in Silver