Longchamp // French Luxury Handbags with Timeless Design.

Longchamp // French Luxury Handbags with Timeless Design.

Published by Alexandra Sharat on May 9th 2022

Longchamp is an iconic brand in the fashion industry. It upholds French luxury, quality craftsmanship, and classic style while still subtly embracing modern design and trends. They prioritize long-lasting pieces and attention to detail. While minimalist style adorns most of their handbags, wallets, and totes, no sacrifice is made on production and fabrication. Only the best leather and materials are selected.

Longchamp leathers are processed by the best tanners. A process that has been sustained since their inception in 1948. More recently, this booming family-owned brand has turned their attention to eco-friendly initiatives, taking their popular Le Pliage tote and creating a green version - "Le Pliage Green". Identical in silhouette to it's namesake, this new version gives new life to recycled polyamide canvas. A socially-responsible option with classic characteristics we love from Longchamp.


This shoulder-carry model is an unmissable everyday accessory to hold all your essentials with ease. Combining simple and sophisticated style, this bag is adorned with Longchamp’s iconic bamboo clasp. Super sleek cowhide with clean edges, this is the ideal understated and not over-embellished style.


Freedom to move without sacrificing style, this chain card holder upgrades any outfit. The metallic leather and chain adds sparkle that can be worn across the body or on the shoulder. The timeless shape combined with modern brightness allows for a refined yet unique look.


The perfect bag for summer with its flecked cotton canvas, accentuated with black leather details. Including Longchamp’s iconic bamboo clasp and Maci chapes for a modern, elegant contrast. For a luxury quality that embodies a bohemian-chic spirit, this is the perfect bag for any adventure.


Easy to pair with casual or more fancy looks, this bag is chic and coupled with an uninhibited French allure. The exceptional calfskin is elegant and the details on the shoulder strap give a dynamic and luxurious appeal. Including Longchamp’s bamboo clasp and enameled wax seal, this sophisticated pouch adds character to the style.