Introducing Ba&sh! // Parisian Style for All Women

Introducing Ba&sh! // Parisian Style for All Women

Published by Alexandra Sharat on Jul 23rd 2022

Dress as if you’re in Paris any day with our new brand Ba&sh!

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Barbara Boccara, the “Ba”, and Sharon Krief, the “Sh”, of Ba&sh founded their French fashion label in 2003. Ba&sh focuses on perfectly effortless, easy-to-wear pieces that are always feminine with a touch of bohemian elegance.

Although found in more than 400 stores worldwide, Ba&sh never strays from its distinct Parisian style! Each piece expresses freedom of movement and a joyful chicness. Their prints, such as their iconic ikat tie-dye motifs, are always unique yet subtle. This makes it easy to add color to your wardrobe in a classy way!

From the very beginning Ba&sh measured their carbon footprint to be able to work towards limiting it better. One of their three main materials, viscose, is certified to be less harmful for the environment. Their packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable. Even their shops and warehouses are equipped with a large majority of LEDs.

Ba&sh is committed to demonstrating their support for all women, especially with their own female legacy. The company is made up of 88% women. 73% of the executive committee are women and 85% of the managerial employees are women.

Ba&sh supports women outside the company as well! In 2019 and 2020, 100,000 euros were donated to Women Safe & Children and Women for Women UK. They also have raised 220,000 euros for Ruban Rose which is committed to the fight against breast cancer. From sustainable innovation to giving back to others, you can feel proud and look oh-so chic in Ba&sh!

See some of our favorite pieces to elevate your wardrobe below!

Shop Ba&sh at Green Envy!

Cleo Dress in Off White

Claren Skirt in Green

Shop Ba&sh at Green Envy!

Lio Shirt in Red

Gibus Jacket in Blue

Shop Ba&sh at Green Envy!

Delta Sweater in Off White

Zichy Tank in Argent

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