How to Wear the Modern Belt Bag (AKA a Fanny Pack)

How to Wear the Modern Belt Bag (AKA a Fanny Pack)

Published by Christina Ruiz on May 18th 2022

Belt bags, fanny packs, bum bags or waist bags - these little pouches that go around your chest or waist have made a huge comeback in the fashion world. The multiple names is indicative of multiple ways to wear nthis versatile satchel! Some love a sport-chic look, utilizing their bag for walking or hiking. Other’s prefer to utilize this style as a hands-free option with a fashion-forward look. Others still love to rock the OG way of wearing this type of bag - around the waist, grazing the fanny! 

The ease of use and style versatility of the belt bag is what makes this silhouette so attractive. 

Lino Bag , Jerome Dreyfuss in Lino BananeJett Leather Belt Bag

Lino Nylon Belt Bag , IRO HORU Belt Bag , Saunter Leather Belt Bag , Lino Bag , Jett Leather Belt Bag , Jerome Dreyfuss in Lino Banane

Above are some of our current options with ultra chic design. Made in soft yet structured leather, these belt bags would go great with more polished looks such as a classic white button down shirt with a black leather pant. Wearing the belt bag across the chest with a plain shirt will help add style while still being effortless.  

Invisible Pack Belt in Silver , Invisible Pack Belt Bag , Hobo Remedy in Rose , Lino Nylon Belt Bag

Not only is the belt bag stylish but it's also super convenient since you don't have to carry it, and it's the perfect size to fit all of your necessities. The more casual belt bags we have here are perfect for everyday use, hikes, rock climbing, working out and music festivals. Pretty much any activity where you need your hands and bag close to you is where you’ll find the belt bag most necessary. The top left and bottom right bag are even water resistant, perfect for any or outdoor or family activity! 

Keep calm and carry a nice bag.


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