Brochu Walker and its New American Minimalism

Brochu Walker and its New American Minimalism

Published by Alexandra Sharat on Jul 11th 2022

We are obsessed with our brand, Brochu Walker which offers countless options to elevate your wardrobe! Each piece is the foundation for year-round luxury while upholding the ease of California lifestyle.

“Brochu Walker’s sensual and feminine staples have long been a favorite among fashion insiders.”


Brochu Walker has a definitive European inspiration with an effortless west coast-east coast lifestyle, called the New American Minimalism. Known for cashmere and knitwear innovation, their collection is defined by quality over quantity that showcase refined pieces with unique character.

Both from the Big Apple, Lisa Brochu and Lauren Walker met in L.A. Brochu was the knitwear designer for American Eagle and made it to the West Coast as a design director for Joie. Walker launched various brands including Ya Ya and James Perse which thrived and brought her to Los Angeles.

Combining their talents, Brochu Walker was founded in 2008 with Brochu as head of design and Walker managing business and operations.

In 2020 Brochu Walker proudly announced their new initiative, ‘Kinder To The Environment’ to support sustainability. Cashmere is a cornerstone of their business, a giver that is as sustainable as it is luxurious. Brochu Walker is partnered with an RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) mill which prioritizes its dedication to animal welfare and maintains the highest social standards.

In late 2019 all Brochu Walker packaging was made compostable to reduce their environmental impact. Their exclusive colors come from a mill that recycles, purifies and reuses 70% of the water from their dye house. Additionally, Brochu Walker offers a capsule of knitwear that is dye-free to furthermore conserve water and avoid harsh chemicals.

In the fashion industry, samples are necessary. Brochu Walker works to avoid disposing them by sample sales and donations to charities that help clothes those in need. In mid-2019 they partnered with BEF’s Water Restoration Program to directly contribute to restoring the economic, recreational, and ecological vitality of national freshwater resources. Brochu Walker’s donations have restored over 4 million gallons of water.

Check out all the glamour and comfort of our Brochu Walker brand! You get to support the environment while elevating your wardrobe! XO

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